YPA, Young Photographer Award, 2016

YPA 2016

The YPA (Young Photographer Award) will recognize an exemplary portfolio produced by an Advanced Studies Photography student from the non-profit organization Venice Arts.




cropped-2015-beart-magazine-Logo-2015.jpg YPA is organized by Beatrice Chassepot, Founder and Editor of be-Art magazine

Since 2005, be-Art Magazine (bAm) is an independent high-quality-only magazine committed to providing articles, images or videos on selected exhibitions and artworks. be-Art magazine also offers a rigorous selection of Artists, Art Fairs, Galleries and Museums.


Beatrice Chassepot:

I noticed their booth three years in a row at PhotoLA, and each time I was amazed by the consistency and commitment of the photographs. As an art critic I always take time when it comes to deciding how good an artwork is. Last January 2016, when I saw the installation of those amazing photographs hung on the walls of their booth, and after an exchange of emails with Issa, the Director of Education at VeniceArts, I decided it was time to help them.

As what is most rewarding for an artist is to be exposed, I put together a reward with providing full exposure of the winner’s portfolio on be-Art magazine. Besides, I’m thrilled to announce that French gallery NextLLevel galerie is offering the winner a place for one photo in one of her group show in Paris.




The Winner will be revealed at Venice Arts’ 2016 Student Culminating Exhibition on May 14th, 2016



YPA and ribbon


The Winner wins a full exposure with:

  • One of his/her photographs will be chosen by Isabelle Mesnil, Judge & Owner of NextLevel Galerie, and exhibited in a group show in the gallery in Paris, FRANCE

  • His/Her Portfolio will be shown online on be-Art magazine,

  • He/She will become part of be-Art magazine’s “Emerging artist” selection,

  • His/Her portrait and a selection of photographs will be shown on All about Photo.com



Special thanks for their help and support to:

luis de jesus logo- luis


Luis de Jesus, Owner of Luis de Jesus Los Angeles Gallery.


lenscratch logo
Aline Smithson, Photographer








YPA 2016

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