YPA, Venicearts 2016, the Winner


and the 2016 winner is”






A N D R E A   A B R E G O




Born December 10,1998
She lives in Culver City, CA.
Currently, she goes to Santa Monica High School, and she is going to be a Junior(11th).


be-Art mgazine: When did you start to use a camera?
Andrea Abrego: I started to use a camera since I was little, but I never really put so much effort into it. Since I live far from school, I ended up spending a lot of time around Venice, I took classes and whatever I learned I used it to go shooting almost every single day if possible. I like to shoot black and white film, it’s my favorite. 
be-Art magazine: What do you like in taking pictures?
Andrea Abrego: I like to get something out of a subject that can represent of a part of who I am, but I’m never obvious about it. I’m always paying attention to the lighting and shadows too. For film, I like the process it is done in the darkroom. It is more valuable because I’ve done from processing to contact sheets to test scripts until printing. I could spend hours and don’t get tired of it, once I printed in a darkroom tent, every single time I end up smelling like chemicals. 

May 14th, 2016 at Venice Arts,

the day Andrea Abrego received the YPA Prize,

andrea abrego and beatrice chassepot
Andrea Abrego with Beatrice Chassepot who organized the Prize
Founder of Venice Arts, Lynn Warshafsky
right the Founder of Venice Arts, Lynn Warshafsky


The books (below) by all the contestants are on sale!


The books are the result of the work made during the year by the Advance Class. They have been made possible grace to the remarkable Director of Studies, Issa Sharp
Issa Sharp, Lead Photographer & Director of Education at Venice Arts
Issa Sharp and Lynn Warshafsky
Issa Sharp and Lynn Warshafsky
Elysa Voshell, Associate Director I Gallery & Public Programs Director



Beatrice Chassepot and the Founder of Venice Arts, Lynn Warshafsky



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