venicearts 1000Venicearts, is a non-profit organization,

Venicearts was established in 1993 with ten kids, a darkroom in a donated basement, and a big dream: to create a vibrant arts center for low-income youth. Twenty years later, our award-winning Art Mentoring & Education program, has reached thousands of low-income youth, providing meaningful, media-based programs that builds creativity, literacy, and media, arts, and technology knowledge and skills.

Lynn Warshafsky, Founder and Executive Director since 1993

and her wonderful team lead by:

Elysa Voshell, Associate Director / Gallery & Public Programs Director at Venice Arts
Issa Sharp, Lead Photographer | Director of Education

the whole team here: http://www.venicearts.org/index.php?view=people



Elysa Voshell, left and Issa Sharp, right

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